NAS Richmond Division Attends Fleet Week at Port Everglades 5/02/2018

In front of USS Kersarge Amphibious Assault Ship

Helicopter on deck of USS Kersarge

Artillery gun Inside the USS Kersarge

Air boat inside the USS Kersarge

NAS Richmond Division Visits the Center for Southeast Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CSTARS) 4/14/2018

NAS Richmond Division in front of radome at CSTARS

NAS Richmond Division with CSTARS Director Hans Graber

A New HQ for NAS Richmond Division

NAS Richmond Division will be relocating to a new HQ at the Miami Military Museum & Memorial next to the Miami Zoo when construction is completed.

NAS Richmond Division Provides Color Guard for Washington's Birthday Regatta on 02/24/2018 at the Barnacle in Coconut Grove

Washington's Birthday Regatta Participants

NAS Richmond Division Color Guard Preparing for National Anthem

Boats preparing for the Regatta

NAS Richmond Division in the Barnacle Boathouse

Floating Dock brought in for Regatta since the current dock damaged by hurricane Irma

NAS Richmond Division with District 2 Commissioner and Regatta participant Ken Russell

Cadets hauling boat out of water step 1

Cadets hauling boat out of water step 2

Cadets hauling boat out of water step 3

Cadets hauling boat out of water step 4